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EMI/EMC Design Fundamentals – Online

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EMI/EMC Design Fundamentals – Online

This course is being offered live online in 5 sessions over a five day period. Each daily session will last approximately 4 hours and start at 7:00 AM Pacific time. The first session will be presented on July 18 with the final session presented on July 22. The final session will last approximately 3 hours.

This course covers the methodology of designing an electronic product to minimize the possibilities of having problems of electromagnetic interferences (EMI) or Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). The course presents the ways in which an electronic system can generate and/or receive EMI causing failure to meet EMC regulations. A practical approach with many real world examples, techniques, simulation and hardware tools for EMI design will be explained to minimize costs, production and marketing delays considering EMI in the design phase.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing the course you will be able to:

  • understand the basics and fundamentals of EMI/EMC issues
  • design electronic equipment to avoid common EMI/EMC failures
  • look at the high frequency fundamentals of EMI, modelling the problems to be able to propose solutions
  • use lab measurements and tools to find or fix typical EMI/EMC problems
  • reduce time and cost of EMI/EMC diagnosis and repair.

Target Audience

No prior EMI/EMC knowledge is needed but an electrical engineering background (BSEE or equivalent experience) is recommended.

This course will be of interest to:

  • design and test engineers/technicians from the electronics industry involved in EMI/EMC problems. Analog, digital, RF, mechanical and system engineers and technicians interested in design process to avoid EMC problems
  • those interested in a working knowledge of EMI/EMC engineering principles and concerned with EMC regulations
  • laboratory personnel involved in measurement and troubleshooting of EMC failures
  • managers responsible for design, production, test and marketing of electronic products
  • marketing engineers who need a general and practical knowledge of the EMI/EMC basics.

Jul 18 - Jul 22, 2022 -  Arturo Mediano, PhD, Instructor

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