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EMC Products

ON Semiconductor www.onsemi.com
SolaHD www.solahd.com
Ferroxcube www.ferroxcube.com

Power Devices

Cree, Inc. www.cree.com
Skyworks Solutions, Inc. www.skyworksinc.com
Microsemi Corporation www.microsemi.com
JFW Industries www.jfwindustries.com
Nitronex www.nitronex.com


Fastrax Ltd. www.fastraxgps.com
Radiocrafts AS www.radiocrafts.com
Libelium www.libelium.com
Nextreme Thermal Solutions www.nextreme.com
Spacek Labs www.spaceklabs.com

Product Highlights

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation www.arworld.us

Linear Technology Corporation www.linear.com

Mini-Circuits www.minicircuits.com

Connor-Winfield www.conwin.com

Aethercomm www.aethercomm.com

ACS www.appliedmicrowave.com

MITEQ, Inc. www.MITEQ.com

New Products

Crystek Corporation www.crystek.com

RF Micro Devices, Inc. www.rfmd.com

Linear Technology Corporation www.linear.com

Anritsu Company www.anritsu.com

Valpey Fisher Corporation www.valpeyfisher.com

TriQuint Semiconductor www.triquint.com

Mini-Circuits www.minicircuits.com

Analog Devices, Inc. www.analog.com

Aeroflex Limited www.aeroflex.com

Rohde & Schwarz www.rohde-schwarz.com

Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc. www.lansdale.com

Empower RF Systems www.EmpowerRF.com

Rakon Limited www.rakon.com

Spacek Labs www.spaceklabs.com

Agilent Technologies www.agilent.com

Computer Simulation Technology www.cst.com

W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. www.gore.com

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. www.skyworksinc.com

Laird Technologies, Inc. www.lairdtech.com

Editor's Choice

1701 HFE choice01

Communications Tester

To coincide with Bluetooth® Release 5, Rohde & Schwarz has expanded the functional range of its line of R&S CMW wideband radio communication testers to cover the new specification. The R&S CMW software encompasses all RF tests needed for development and production, including the new test cases for Bluetooth SIG precertification.

Rohde & Schwarz


1701 HFE choice02


Rogers Corp. announced the latest addition to its RO4000® Series thermoset circuit materials: RO4830™ high-frequency laminates. RO4830 laminates offer 76-to-81-GHz auto radar sensor designers a lower-cost-but-performance-competitive option.  Rogers RO4830 laminates have a lower price point and are processed by means of standard epoxy/glass (FR-4) circuit fabrication methods, for lower overall production costs versus PTFE-based circuits.

Rogers Corp.

1701 HFE choice03


Model SAO-2832930610-28-S1 is a WR-28 omnidirectional antenna that operates between 28 and 29 GHz. This vertically polarized antenna offers 360 degrees azimuth coverage with 6 dB gain and ±3 dB gain flatness. The antenna features a half power beamwidth of 10 degrees in the vertical direction.  The actual operating frequency of this omnidirectional antenna is much broader.

SAGE Millimeter

1701 HFE choice04

Flex Cable

SpectrumFlex is a flexible cable that can be terminated with any standard semi-rigid cable connector. Its durable construction ensures long life and consistent performance. Spectrum Elektrotechnik was founded in 1981 and has become a leading supplier of state-of-the-art components used in RF and microwave technology, including connectors, adapters, cable assemblies, phase shifters, couplers, gain amplitude equalizers, terminations, and calibration kits. A number of complex and integrated components have been engineered and manufactured for specialized programs and various customers' special needs.

Spectrum Elektrotechnik


1701 HFE choice05


SRTechnology manufactures a full line of connectors, including SMA, BNC, N, 7/16DIN, MCX, MMCX, and SMB. SRTechnology specializes in designing and manufacturing passive devices. The company has set up a strong and motivated team able to cooperate with customers worldwide in a unique and successful way. R&D represents its core and highest added value thanks to a balanced mix of well-trained engineers and experienced personnel with both electrical and mechanical competencies.


1701 HFE choice06

Comb Generators and More

Herotek offers Detectors, Comb Generators, Limiters, Switches, GaAsFet Amplifiers (Broadband, Low Noise, and Power) and integrated subsystems of many types, including up and down converters, multipliers, harmonic mixers, and transceivers. Herotek is a broad-based, high technology company supplying parts for the Military, Industrial and Commercial markets with designs from DC to 75 GHz. It offers standard products as well as thousands of custom designs, and is happy to match existing products.


1701 HFE choice07


Skyworks unveiled the SKYA21003, a new CMOS silicon-on insulator (SOI) single pole, double throw (SPDT) switch that is targeted for automotive LTE cellular and general purpose RF applications.  This product is AEC-Q100 Grade 2 Qualified with guaranteed RF performance across extended temperature limits, making it an excellent design choice for LTE cellular telematics modems, remote keyless entry devices, infotainment systems, automated toll transponders, garage door openers, GPS/navigation platforms, and other wireless control solutions. 


1701 HFE choice08

6-Way Power Divider

Model 151-215-006 is a resistive 6-way power divider designed for antenna sharing. The 50 Ohm units frequency range is DC-6 GHz. Insertion loss above theoretical loss is + 1.0 dB  nominal DC-5 GHz and + 1.6 dB nominal 5-6 GHz. Input power is 1 watt average with an operating temperature of  -20o C to +100o C. Amplitude tracking is + 0.5  dB maximum and VSWR is 1.50:1 maximum. The RF connectors are SMA female.

BroadWave Technologies

1701 HFE choice09

Inductor Coils

SemiGen spiral inductor coils come in ten models with seven different square dimensions including .030”x.030”, .040”x.040”, .045”x.045”, .055”x.055”, .065”x.065”, .075”x.075”, and .085”x.085”―all inductors are .012” thick. Inductance offered ranges from 1.5 nH to 300 nH with 1.5 turns up to 18.5 turns. The coils are manufactured on a thin film process on quartz substrates with precision photolithography and non-chemical etching to ensure clean edges and uniformity from coil to coil.


1701 HFE choice10


Pasternack released a line of waveguide direct read attenuators for instrumentation, test benches, high efficiency RF/Microwave transmissions, SATCOM, MILCOM, radar and telecom applications. These attenuators are available in WR-42 to WR-10 waveguide standards operating in seven waveguide bands within the 18 GHz to 110 GHz frequency range. They boast +/- 2% typical attenuation accuracy and feature an easy-to-read drum scale and military standard UG-style flanges. Minimum attenuation range is 0 dB to 50 dB with an insertion loss of 0.5 dB to 1 dB depending on the frequency range.


1701 HFE choice11


RFMW announced support for a high efficiency power doubler designed to support DOCSIS 3.1 CATV hybrid fiber coax (HFC) requirements. The Skyworks ACA2429 offers 26.3dB typical gain with 1dB tilt over the bandwidth of 50 to 1218MHz. Ideal for HFC distribution systems and headend equipment, the ACA2429 operates from 24V using 430mA. Two parallel amplifiers are optimized for exceptionally low distortion, high output power, and high crash point in a thermally enhanced surface mount package.


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