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Omnidirectional Antenna 18 April 2017
Test Instruments 18 April 2017
I2C & SPI Power Sensor 18 April 2017
EM Simulation Tool 18 April 2017
PA Modules and More 18 April 2017
Twin Diplexer 18 April 2017
Selection Guide: MMICs and More 18 April 2017
Handheld Spectrum Analyzer 18 April 2017
Heavy Duty Enclosures 18 March 2017
9kHz to 40 GHz RF Power Sensor Series 18 March 2017

Editor's Choice

1705 HFE choice 01

Quick-Disconnect Connectors

Southwest Microwave offers flexible cable assemblies up to 110 GHz made in any combination of quick-disconnect pins and sockets made with high-performance 047 flex cable and any of our Super SMA, 2.92 mm, 2.40 mm, 1.85 mm, 1.0 mm, 0.9 mm connectors. Our quick disconnect pin-and-socket technology mates with MIL-DTL-38999, D-Sub, and Micro-D connectors. Ideal for test and measurement tooling, Southwest Microwave’s assemblies allow you to achieve highly repeatable, high-performing, low VSWR interconnects and are available at reasonable cost and on short turnaround.

Southwest Microwave
IMS Booth # 825

1705 HFE choice 02


Analog Devices announced the LTC2358-18, an 18-bit, 8-channel simultaneous sampling successive approximation register (SAR) ADC featuring integrated picoamp input buffers. With board real estate at a premium, the LTC2358-18 brings substantial space and cost savings by eliminating front end signal conditioning circuitry normally required to drive unbuffered switched-capacitor ADC inputs. The combined component savings of three amplifiers, six resistors and two capacitors for each channel, a total of 88 components over 8 channels, saves BOM cost and significant board space.

Analog Devices
IMS Booth # 1032

1705 HFE choice 03

Coaxial Switch

High reliability Single Pole Four Throw (SP4T) for space applications. The operating frequency range is from DC to 40.0 GHz with K connector. Low power input with operating voltage from 22 – 34 Vdc (28 Vdc Nominal) at extreme temperatures of -30°C to +85°C. The SP4T Coaxial Switch is latching type and equipped with suppression diodes, telemetry circuitry and 50 ohms terminations. In addition, it also features: multiple output RF transmission lines, robust and compact design and reliable. 

IMS Booth # 1819

1705 HFE choice 04


Microwave Components is your distributor of choice, stocking premier product lines including SV Microwave, Delta Electronics, Micro-Coax, Times Microwave, XMA, MECA Electronics, Corning Gilbert, Radiall, Dynawave, TE Connectivity, and more. Contact us today for your RF/Microwave needs.

Microwave Components

1705 HFE choice 05

HEMTs and More 

Established in December 1996, AMCOM is a leading edge microwave design organization that provides power FETs, MMIC power amplifiers, as well as high-power amplifier modules with RF and DC connectors. Visit and click on 'Products' to view detailed listings of available products.

AMCOM has all the expertise, man power, space, and equipment for manufacturing state-of-the-art products.


1705 HFE choice 06

Thermal Imaging for PCBs

FLIR Systems announced the FLIR ETS320 thermal imaging solution for electronics testing in engineering benchtop environments. As the first FLIR camera designed specifically for benchtop work in testing and analyzing the thermal characteristics of electronic components and printed circuit boards (PCBs), it aims to advance testing and diagnosis accuracy in the electronics industry.  It combines a high-sensitivity thermal camera – engineered for imaging PCBs and other electronics – with an adjustable, hands-free table stand to provide consistent, non-contact thermal testing through the entire electronics design, development and production process.

FLIR Systems

1705 HFE choice 07

Instrument Cabinet

Our price-leading instrument cabinets feature the same modular construction as our other enclosure lines. Instrument cabinets are available in: aluminum or steel, 60 standard sizes, two widths, three depths and 10 heights. Standard EIA mounting angles ensure compatibility with your equipment. Instrument cabinets are ideal for creating desktop systems such as testing and monitoring equipment.

They feature strength, modularity, economy and they are available in 60 standard sizes. They are available in either steel or aluminum.

Equipto Electronics

1705 HFE choice 08

5G Course 

Instructor Steve Best will present his new course, 5G, mm-Wave Antenna Integration & Test Techniques, this August 21-22 in San Jose, CA. This two day course provides participants with coverage of antenna, integration, test, and propagation topics associated with millimeter Wave (mm-Wave) and 5G applications. The course provides an understanding of antenna property definitions, antenna fundamentals and considerations, antenna types and mm-Wave propagation. The course provides information on how antenna properties and propagation characteristics affect communication systems.
IMS Booth # 942

1705 HFE choice 09

Power Amp

Model SBP-2634634023-2F2F-S1 is a broadband power amplifier with a typical small signal gain of 40 dB and a nominal P1dB of +23 dBm across the frequency range of 26 to 46 GHz.  The DC power requirement for the amplifier is +8 VDC/1100 mA.  The RF connectors are female 2.4 mm connectors.  Other port configurations, such as male 2.4 mm connectors for either the input or output port are also available under different model numbers. The power amplifier requires a heatsink.

SAGE Millimeter
IMS Booth # 640

1705 HFE choice 10

RF Upconverters

SignalCore RF Upconverters are designed to meet today’s demanding wireless applications. They are high performance devices that can be easily integrated into many signal generation systems. They are well suited to pair up with our RF downconverters to form transceiver pairs. SignalCore welcomes the opportunity to quote custom designs. Our innovative design capabilities, rich engineering talent, agile product development, and professional technical support take challenging design-to-spec problems and turn them into cost effective solutions that meet or exceed customer performance requirements.


1705 HFE choice 11

Selection Guide: MMICs and More 

MwT is a recognized leader in design, manufacturing, & marketing for commercial, defense, & space products for RF/Microwave and wireless applications. We supply worldwide MMICs, discrete semiconductor devices, GaAs, GaN power amplifiers, low noise pHEMT parts, wireless amplifiers, hybrid products, pre-amplifiers for medical application (MRI coils), and connectorized amplifiers. MwT uses commercial, defense and space standards to design and manufacture all products that meet customer’s technical requirements.

Microwave Technology

1705 HFE choice 13


Tektronix introduced the TTR500 Series USB Vector Network Analyzer. Like Tektronix’s USB-based spectrum analyzers, the new TTR500 Series delivers an unmatched combination of low price and performance – 40 percent lower cost than alternatives capable of 122 dB dynamic range and 6 GHz frequency range. It also includes advanced features like the new VectorVu-PC analysis software and the only built-in bias tee for testing active devices in this category. Among the markets facing a critical need for an affordable VNA are Internet of Things (IoT) design and education.


1705 HFE choice 14


Model A0P-41N-3JJ is a Digitally Controlled PIN Diode Attenuator that operates from 2.3-2.5 GHz. It is capable of 19.922dB range in monotonic 0.078 dB steps. The Attenuation Flatness is +/- 2.0 dB and the Operating Temperature Range of 0 to +50°C with a Coefficient of +/- 0.03 dB / Degrees C. With a maximum V.S.W.R. of 1.7:1 and an Insertion Loss less than 2.0 dB. This device operates with Power Handling of +13 dBm CW, 1.0 Watt Max. Unit is controlled via 8 BITs of TTL Compatible binary logic with a switching speed less than 1.0 µSec Max. Package: 2.0 x 2.50 x 0.75 in.

G. T. Microwave

1705 HFE choice 15

Reference Oscillators

Pasternack released six new free-running reference oscillators that generate a highly stable and accurate output frequency response with low phase noise and spurious performance levels, making them ideal in phase locked loops, function generators, frequency synthesizers and receivers for communication, radar, navigation, surveillance and test and measurement applications. These free-running, fixed-tuned oscillators use a high-stability internal crystal reference as an integral part of the phase-locked assembly with a buffered amplifier output stage for improved ruggedness.

IMS Booth # 514

1705 HFE choice 16


Exodus Advanced Communications is pleased to announce the release of our  Best in Class SSPA model AMP3060 -a 32 to 40GHz, 10W GaAs Hybrid SSPA Module. It provides10W CW Psatover the full bandwith 4.0dB Peak to Peak flatness. Additional features include high reliability and ruggedness along with suitability for all single channel modulation standards. This amplifier is designed for any application that requires wide band coverage such as EMI/RFI, KA band Radar, EW and High Power Millimeter Testing.

Exodus Advanced Communications
IMS Booth # 805

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