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Editor's Choice

1703 HFE choice01

Precision Coaxial Connectors for PCBs 

SGMC Microwave now offers Precision Grade Edge Launch Connectors for use with microwave applications requiring excellent mode free operation up to 67 GHz. 1.85mm, 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mmm & SMA Series are readily available for 0.062” (1.574mm) thick PCB’s. Our Edge Launch connectors are designed to slide on to the edge of the PC Board via the slot in the body as pictured. Once assembled on the edge of the board, the internally captivated end launch contact rest on the top side of the board.

SGMC Microwave

1703 HFE choice02

Power Amp

Exodus Advanced Communications released a state of the art ruggedized power amplifier. AMP3095 is our 31 to 40 GHz, 5 W Min broadband module, featuring a Class AB linear GaAsFET hybrid design. It operates from a 9VDC supply at 16A with gain flatness of 8.0dB Max peak to peak. With Instantaneous wide bandwidth, built-in protection circuits and high reliability the AMP3095 is suitable for all single channel modulation standards and applications such as EMI/RFI, EW, Communications, SATCOM and General Testing for MM Wave Products.

Exodus Advanced Communications

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Norden military converters and custom assemblies are used in Airborne (fixed and rotary wing), Shipboard, and Ground Mobile platforms. Military applications include Avionics, Electronic Warfare including (ECM, ESM, ELINT, SIGINT), RADAR applications, radar environment simulation systems, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems. Norden’s commercial converters and custom assemblies are used in Microwave Communications, Astronomy, and Test Equipment.

Norden Millimeter

1703 HFE choice04

L Band Amp

Empower RF announced the release of the New Scalable Pulsed L Band Amplifier with an expandable system hardware architecture designed to save you money- "you buy only the power you need today" and add power amplifier blocks later when your test or application requires more output power. Adding 3U power amplifier blocks is accomplished easily and simply with no phase matching required.

Empower RF

1703 HFE choice05

MM-Wave Products 

Ducommun serves the avionics, communications, defense, industrial, intelligent traffic systems, medical, and test equipment markets with millimeter wave products. We design and manufacture products including amplifiers, antennas (horn and patch), mixers, oscillators, multipliers, radar sensors, industrial grade phase shifters, lab components, up/down-converters, along with sub-systems and integrated assemblies.


1703 HFE choice06

PA Modules and More

AMCOM has all the expertise, man power, space, and equipment for manufacturing state-of-the-art products. Some of our capabilities are: active device design, MMIC design, and power amplifier module design. In addition, we are experts in device/MMIC packaging, module assembly and RF/DC testing. For active devices, we either procure parts such as silicon LDMOS, or GaN HEMT, or we use a semiconductor foundry to fabricate our own proprietary device/MMIC. One of AMCOM's specialties is custom designing MMICs and modules for our customers' specific needs.


1703 HFE choice07

Cross Directional Couplers

Wenteq Microwave’s WCC series Cross Directional Couplers are for signals coupling in a waveguide system. There are two oblique cross holes in the common wall of the two crossed waveguides. The coupling port is the one closer to the first hole on the cross section from main transmitting path. Another end of the coupling waveguide should be terminated with a matching load. This series offers standard coupling level of 23dB. Custom designs are offered to cover frequency from 1.7 to 110GHz, with the coupling level 15 - 30dB.

Wenteq Microwave

1703 HFE choice08

Duplexers and More

SRTechnology designs and manufactures a complete line of bandpass filters, band-reject filters, duplexers, filter modules, combiners, and more. SRT puts customer satisfaction first; has two decades of experience supplying high-performance, high-reliability products; has supplied thousands of components to defense and commercial markets; has hundreds of standard designs that can be quickly and easily modified to suit your requirements; SRT has a 3-year product warranty.


1703 HFE choice09

Non-Mag MLCCs

Knowles Capacitors announced that its ongoing material development process has qualified an X8R dielectric material to be Lead (Pb) free. This is part of Knowles environmental commitment to continuously develop materials that are more environmentally friendly, as well as ensuring continued compliance to the existing requirements along with potential future changes to the EU RoHS directive.

Knowles Capacitors

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