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Omnidirectional Antenna

Model SAO-7137630230-12-S1 is a WR-12 omnidirectional antenna that operates between 71 and 76 GHz. This vertically polarized antenna offers 360 degrees azimuth coverage with ±3 dB angular gain flatness. The antenna features a half power beamwidth of 30 degrees in the vertical direction and 2 dB gain across the entire frequency range. 

SAGE Millimeter

Test Instruments 

Micro Lambda Wireless offers portable and efficient benchtop lab test instruments for RF/microwave filtering and frequency synthesis applications. These units utilize high performance YIG-tuned band-reject and band-pass filters for filtering, and the industry’s best YIG-tuned synthesizers for frequency generation. They are housed in a 10” wide, 4” height, 13” deep enclosures, plug into standard electrical outlets, and are tuned via a tuning knob, key pad, and either USB, or Ethernet control. Units are shipped complete with power, USB, and Ethernet cords, user manuals on CD, and PC interface software.

Micro Lambda Wireless

I2C & SPI Power Sensor

LadyBug Technologies’ LB5900 series patented No-Zero No-Cal RF Power Sensors offer coverage from 9 kHz to 40 GHz. The product line’s broad frequency range combined with exceptional sensitivity makes it ideal for satellite, radar, EMC testing along with defense applications and general testing. The sensor line offers an optional SPI / I2C connectivity system, allowing the sensors to be used in compact instruments and ATE systems that do not include a PC. LadyBug provides a micro-processor and sensor Demonstration Kit for use with LB5900 sensors with the I2C/SPI Option.

LadyBug Technologies LLC              

EM Simulation Tool

Computer Simulation Technology (CST) announced the release of the 2017 version of the electromagnetic simulation tool, CST STUDIO SUITE®. The latest edition includes a range of new tools for synthesis and analysis and improvements to existing features. CST STUDIO SUITE is an electromagnetic (EM) simulation software package with solvers for a wide of applications across the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as multiphysics and particle applications. All of the CST® tools are available within a single graphical user interface and can be linked together for straightforward hybridization of simulations. CST STUDIO SUITE is used in leading companies across the high-tech and manufacturing industries to develop new ideas, optimize products, and ensure standards compliance.


PA Modules and More

AMCOM has all the expertise, manpower, space, and equipment for manufacturing state-of-the-art products. Some of our capabilities are: active device design, MMIC design, and power amplifier module design. In addition, we are experts in device/MMIC packaging, module assembly and RF/DC testing. For active devices, we either procure parts such as silicon LDMOS, or GaN HEMT, or we use a semiconductor foundry to fabricate our own proprietary device/MMIC. One of AMCOM's specialties is custom designing MMICs and modules for our customers' specific needs. The custom products include all front-end components such as low-noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, switches, attenuators, phase shifters, and up/down converters.


Twin Diplexer

Microlab announced the release of the BK-745E Twin Diplexer optimized for small cell applications. This new diplexer is designed to combine and separate the PCS band and AWS-WCS bands with guaranteed low-PIM performance in the smallest and lightest form factor.  It is ideal for pole mount O-DAS applications where enclosure profiles must be held to a minimum. Our mission is to provide our customers with products that deliver superior performance time after time. At Microlab our commitment to performance, quality, exceptional reliability with timely delivery is a key ingredient in establishing and maintaining successful customer relationships.


Selection Guide: MMICs and More

MwT is a recognized leader in design, manufacturing, & marketing for commercial, defense, & space products for RF/Microwave and wireless applications. We supply worldwide MMICs, discrete semiconductor devices, GaAs, GaN power amplifiers, low noise pHEMT parts, wireless amplifiers, hybrid products, pre-amplifiers for medical application (MRI coils), and connectorized amplifiers. MwT uses commercial, defense and space standards to design and manufacture all products that meet customer’s technical requirements. Download our online selection guide today at

Microwave Technology

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

Recognized as the world’s fastest handheld RF spectrum analyzer, the Spectran V5 RealTime RF Analyzer series can perform 20GHz scans or logs in less than 20mS*. This product is engineered to reliably and effectively capture even the shortest or weakest of signal transmissions. The Handheld V5 series is available in 4 different models with optimized frequency ranges, providing solutions for applications ranging from spectrum studies to Wi-Fi and wireless network measurements. The lightweight portability makes it an essential tool for interference hunting, field testing, and compliance testing as well.


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Surface Mount Package: Comb Generators

Herotek has expanded pre-amp comb generator GCA Series to include our new .750” (N3 package) long surface mount-package for  convenient placement on PCB Boards. Our GCA Series Comb Generators are used for Frequency Multipliers, Frequency Synthesizers, and built-in test source. GCA Series requires only +10 dBm or 0 dBm input for input frequency ranges from 250 MHz to 2000 MHz. Our GC Series (without preamp) also is offered in our “L” package which is .53” long.


1704 HFE choice02


SRTechnology designs and manufactures: terminations, attenuators, filters, connectors, adaptors, and other components, including dividers, arrestors, and DC blocks. The company has established a strong and motivated team able to assist customers worldwide with outstanding product quality, complemented by cutting-edge customer service. SRT’s R&D expertise results from a balanced mix of well-trained engineers and experienced personnel with both electrical and mechanical competencies, all targeting customer satisfaction.


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1.85mm Male Direct Solder One-Step Cable Connectors for .085” Cables

SGMC Microwaves NEW One-Step connectors have “Captivated” center contacts offering excellent performance up to 65 GHz (usable up to 67 GHz).  With no loose parts to handle, assembly is as simple as trimming the cable and then inserting it into the body for soldering. 

DC-65 GHz / VSWR: 1.25:1 Max per connector Captivated center contact (beryllium Copper, gold plated) Body Components (Corrosion resistant Type 303 Stainless steel, passivated)

Quality, performance, and reliability you can count on, from SGMC Microwave.

SGMC Microwave

1704 HFE choice04

Instrument Cabinet

Our price-leading instrument cabinets feature the same modular construction as our other enclosure lines. Instrument cabinets are available in: aluminum or steel, 60 standard sizes, two widths, three depths and 10 heights. Standard EIA mounting angles ensure compatibility with your equipment. Instrument cabinets are ideal for creating desktop systems such as testing and monitoring equipment.

They feature strength, modularity, economy and they are available in 60 standard sizes. They are available in either steel or aluminum. Thin wall construction allows maximum space utilization; and since there is no welding or grinding, the entire cabinet is made of only 4 parts.

Equipto Electronics

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Power Dividers

VidaRF offers a wide selection of 2-way through 64-way power divider/combiners, designed to cover 100MHz to 20GHz with average power handling of 30Watts for narrow, octave, dual and multi-octave band applications.

Standard connector type: SMA female, other connectors available upon request. VidaRF is a North Carolina-based company that is focused on being a solutions provider by building to customer specs and offering zero days lead time for custom parts through their stock and ship program.


1704 HFE choice06

Stand-Alone RF Signal Generator with USB Support 

DS Instruments introduces the SG6000LX, a compact and economical Dual Channel RF Signal Generator covering 25MHz to 6GHz. Output power is independently adjustable on each channel in 0.5dB steps and with a vernier setting. The USB port is configured as power source and industry standard COM port requiring no special drivers for remote operation.

DS Instruments

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Low PIM 4.3/10.0 Terminations

MECA’s Low PIM (-161dBc Typ) 10, 50, 100 & 250 Watt Terminations for DAS and  Low PIM applications, with rugged construction and excellent performance across all wireless bands from 0.698 - 2.700 GHz make them ideal for in-building or tower top systems. Handling full rated power to +85C without power derating with a IP rated 67&68 which makes a perfect choice for various harsh environmental conditions. Made is USA - 36 month warranty.

MECA Electronics

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Available in a 2220 case size, these X7R dielectric capacitors offer the user the option of greater total capacitance on the board, or piece part count reduction. For example, they can take the place of 2 x 4.7nF X1/Y2 capacitors connected in parallel to reduce component count, size and weight - leading to a significant reduction in cost.  Knowles high voltage capacitor expertise means this range offers the highest capacitance / widest range available for a class X1/Y2 250Vac surface mount MLCC.

Knowles Capacitors

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