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Design Software

NI AWR Design Environment Version 13 now offers an improved flow between AWR Connected™ for Sonnet® and Sonnet Suites Version 16.54 using the latest EM Socket II architecture. The new partner flow boasts 64-bit compatibility, as well as asynchronous EM simulations, and is perfect for printed circuit board (PCB) and monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) design applications. AWR Connected for Sonnet provides an integrated “solver on request” interface that enables users to work within the NI AWR Design Environment. 

National Instruments

6GHz RF Digital Step Attenuator

DS Instruments introduced the DAT64F, a compact and full featured RF Step Attenuator that covers 100MHz to 6GHz. The step size is upgraded to 0.25dB and insertion loss is reduced to just 6dB. Attenuation can be set manually via front panel controls, or remotely programed over the range of 0 to 63dB. The USB port is configured as power source and industry standard COM port requiring no additional drivers. 

DS Instruments

Autonomous RF Power Sensor with Internal Storage 

LadyBug Technologies’ LB5900 Series Power Sensors are state of the art high accuracy, high sensitivity True RMS average power sensors with advanced features including Unattended Operation. In Unattended mode, the sensor is capable of logging up to 1,000 measurements per second into its internal non-volatile memory. The vast memory is capable of storing over 50 million measurements. Simply apply power and measure. The option is quick to setup and is designed to be robust. 

LadyBug Technologies

Type N Female Bulkhead Precision Adapters

• Frequency Range:  DC to 18 GHz (Mode FREE)

• Electrical:  50 Ohm, Low VSWR & Low Insertion Loss

• VSWR: 1.15:1 Max @ 18 GHz (Typical VSWR 1.05:1 through 18 GHz)

• O-Ring seal captivated within the flange body groove   

• Materials: Passivated 303 Stainless Steel or Nickel Plated Brass available

• Dielectrics Fluorocarbon (PTFE)

• Available for immediate delivery – Same day shipping for all stock items

SGMC Microwave


Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI), is a manufacturer of high-performance RF/Microwave passive components, and serves the Medical, Semiconductor, Military, Broadcast and Telecommunications Industries. We are known for our superior Customer Service, Fast Deliveries, Competitive Prices and Outstanding Quality.

We specialize in High-Q / Low ESR /ESL Capacitors, Non-Magnetic Resistors, and Trimmers.

Passive Plus

SSBP Coaxes for MIL-DTL-38999

Southwest Microwave offers superior performance with its SSBP coax contacts, which feature min. 80 dB shielding effectiveness. Designed for use with MIL-DTL-38999 connectors, SSBP from Southwest Microwave are available in sizes 8, 12, 16 and 20 are rated for high performance up to 67 GHz. Southwest Microwave’s Size 20 SSBP are made for D-Sub and Micro-D coax assemblies.

Southwest Microwave

Single Step Programmable Attenuator

Model 651-030-006 is a single step voltage controlled programmable attenuator designed for use in scientific instruments. The frequency range is DC-1 GHz. Attenuation range is 0-6 dB in a 6 dB step with ± 0.4 dB attenuation accuracy. Insertion loss is 0.6 dB nominal while VSWR is 1.30:1 maximum. Input power is 1 watt average with supply voltage +15 Vdc @ 30 mA nominal. The RF connectors are SMA female and the control solder terminal features a feed-thru capacitor to prevent leakage.

BroadWave Technologies

Antenna Alignment Tool

Now available in the UK from RF and microwave equipment supplier Link Microtek is a portable instrument that enables telecommunications-antenna installers and maintenance technicians to rapidly align antennas to the highest levels of accuracy, thereby optimizing network performance.

Manufactured by US firm Sunsight Instruments LLC, the AntennaAlign Alignment Tool (AAT) measures the antenna’s azimuth, tilt, roll and height above ground level and instantly displays the results on any WiFi-enabled device. There is no need for cables, additional software or post processing.

Link Microtek

Capacitor Custom Kits

Passive Plus can now develop custom sample kits based specifically on an Engineers’ needs.  Custom kits offer a variety of capacitors based on case size, temperature coefficient, value ranges, tolerances, voltages, and quantities per value.  All kits are RoHS Compliant. With over 30 years in the RF/Microwave industry, PPI manufactures high quality, high power passive components using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. 

Passive Plus

Schottky Diodes 

Wolfspeed added four new SiC Schottky diodes to its portfolio, further extending what was already recognized as the industry’s most comprehensive offering. Developed in response to both individual customer requests and the power supply industry’s continuous demand for components with larger nominal current ratings, the new 650V and 1200V Cree® Z-Rec® SiC Schottky diodes enable high efficiency power conversion systems with improved reliability, simplicity, and total cost.



Tektronix introduced the industry’s first 32 Gb/s protocol-aware bit error rate test and analysis system. The new BERTScope not only helps characterize the receiver in Gen3 and Gen4 devices – it enables users to shorten the time needed to debug link training and bit error rate issues.  As 4th generation serial protocols such as PCIe 4.0, USB3.1, and SAS4 become more complex, it has become increasingly difficult to place a receiver being tested into an appropriate state (such as a loopback state) for testing without protocol handshaking between the instrument and the device under test.


Signal Source

The SC5511A is a compact, high-performance VCO-based synthesized signal source with very low phase noise and an amplitude control of 0.01 dB throughout its -30 dBm to +7 dBm output power range. Using a unique multiple phase-locked loop architecture, phase spurs are kept below -70 dBc across the entire tuning range, even at 1 Hz step resolution. Download the SC5511A Product Brief and see for yourself why this module’s impressive features and specifications make it stand out when compared to other small modular synthesizers.



Model 2CNK125 from Werbel Microwave LLC is a dual directional coupler that operates from 100 kHz to 250 MHz at 40 dB coupling.  Nominal power rating is 100 watts, designed for 250 watts max. Typical directionality is 25 dB. Main line VSWR is 1.1:1 and insertion loss is 0.3 dB, typically. Housing

measures 5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches. All products are made in-house at our NJ-based location and sourced from as many USA-based suppliers as possible.

Werbel Microwave

GaN Amp

COMTECH PST introduced a Gallium Nitride (GaN) amplifier for applications in the S-Band radar market.  The AB linear design operates over the 3.1-3.5 GHz frequency band and is easily modified to also support 2.9-3.1 GHz radar applications. The amplifier design features include options for control of phase and amplitude to allow for integration into high power systems utilizing conventional binary or phased array combining approaches for power levels of up to 10kW.

Comtech PST

Cable Assemblies and More

Mesa Microwave was established in 1995 and has been manufacturing its own brand of R/F components such as precision coaxial connectors, cable assemblies and electronic components. Our business was primarily focused in the international community, but now we are focusing our efforts in the U.S. based on the demand for our products, especially our higher frequency connectors and cable assemblies DC to 110 GHz.

Mesa Microwave

Wideband Mixer

Linear Technology introduces the LTC5566, a new wideband, high dynamic range dual channel mixer with integrated programmable variable gain IF amplifiers. This dual mixer has a very wide, 300MHz to 6GHz input frequency range, specifically optimized and with extensive characterization at the emerging 3.6GHz and 4.5GHz 5G bands, as well as the established 4G bands. Moreover, the device supports bandwidths up to 400MHz to meet the needs of the growing sub-6GHz 5G wireless access equipment.

Linear Technology

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Editor's Choice

1702 HFE choice 01

Coaxial Relay Products

RelComm Technologies, established in April 1994, designs and manufactures Design Enhanced Application Specific RF Coaxial Relay Products for high volume commercial telecommunications infrastructure, military communications as well as test and measurement instrumentation operating from DC to 40 GHz. The management team has more than seventy-five years of combined experience in design, manufacturing and marketing of products for this industry.

RelComm Technologies

1702 HFE choice 02

Pulse-Profiling Power Meter

LadyBug Technologies’ latest Pulse-Profiling Power Meter V4.5 supports a broad range of RF measurement solutions. The Power Meter is an ideal user interface for displaying time domain scope-like profiles of the modulated waveform. When used with LadyBug’s Pulse-Profiling Sensors, the software delivers clear, concise pulse details. The Pulse zoom feature includes gates and markers that provide accurate measurement of selected details. Measurements like Crest Factor, Droop, Peak and Pulse Power along with Average Power and statistical information such as CDF, PDF and CCDF, are all included.

LadyBug Technologies

1702 HFE choice 03

GaN Transistor

RFMW announced support for a plastic GaN transistor from Qorvo. The TGF2977-SM provides 5W of saturated power from 8 to 12GHz for various applications including marine and weather radar, military radar and avionics. Operational to very low frequency, the recommended bias voltage is 32V. The unit provides >50% PAE and small signal gain of >13dB at mid X-band frequencies. Offered in a low cost, low thermal resistance, plastic, QFN package measuring 3x3mm, this transistor is capable of supporting CW and pulse operation.


1702 HFE choice 04

Power Amp System

Exodus Advanced Communications has released the new AMP2084 ultra-broadband high Power Amplifier System covering the full 6 - 18 GHz frequency range at 80 W Min / 100 W typical and featuring Class AB linear GaN design, gain of 50 dB and less than 4 dB p-p power flatness all in a 5U standard rack chassis.  Operating from a 180-240 VAC power source, the AMP2084 has built-in protection circuits and is suitable for all single channel modulations standards and for EW, EMI/RFI and High Power Testing applications.

Exodus Advanced Communications

1702 HFE choice 05

6 GHz Oscilloscope

Rohde & Schwarz added a new 6 GHz model to its R&S RTO2000 series, opening up measurements on fast communications interfaces and IoT applications. The exceptional characteristics of the compact R&S RTO2000 lab oscilloscopes make them the ideal instrument for demanding measurement tasks such as power integrity measurements. The new R&S RTO2000 model with 6 GHz bandwidth allows developers to test the radio interfaces of 802.11ac WLAN components for IoT modules in the 5 GHz band.

Rohde & Schwarz

1702 HFE choice 06

Power Amp 

Model SBP-3133834034-2828-C1 is a power amplifier with a typical small signal gain of 40 dB and a nominal P1dB of +34 dBm across the frequency range of 31 to 38 GHz. The amplifier requires a gate voltage of +5VDC and a drain voltage +6VDC with a drain current of 2.4 A quiescent and 4 A under RF drive. The RF connectors are WR-28 waveguides with UG-599/U flanges. Other port configurations, such as K connectors, are also available under different model numbers.

SAGE Millimeter

1702 HFE choice 07


SRTechnology designs and manufactures: terminations, attenuators, filters, connectors, adaptors, and other components, including dividers, arrestors, and DC blocks. The company has established a strong and motivated team able to assist customers worldwide with outstanding product quality, complemented by cutting-edge customer service. SRT’s R&D expertise results from a balanced mix of well-trained engineers and experienced personnel with both electrical and mechanical competencies, all targeting customer satisfaction.


1702 HFE choice 08

Switch Matrix Assembly

Low Power High reliability 4 X 3 Switch Matrix for space applications. The operating frequency range is from 7.0 GHz to 11.0 GHz with an input power of200 mW. The operating voltage is from 24 – 31 Vdc (28 Vdc Nominal) at extreme temperature of -20°C to +80°C.The 4 X 3 Switch Matrix is latching type and equipped with suppression diodes and telemetry circuitry.


1702 HFE choice 09


Skyworks introduced the SKY66105-11, a new high performance, highly integrated RF front-end module (FEM) designed for high power Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) and Connected Home applications operating within the 902 to 931 MHz frequency band. This FCC-compliant module integrates harmonic filters and shielding, making it an ideal design choice for sensors, smart meters (water, gas, electric) and machine-to-machine uses. The SKY66105-11 features 30 dBm Pout which maximizes range while staying within FCC regulatory limits.


1702 HFE choice 10


Rohde & Schwarz introduces a probe with both a large offset range and a DC voltmeter for power integrity measurements. The R&S RT-ZPR20 is a new, extremely low-noise power rail probe with a bandwidth of 2 GHz. Its 1:1 attenuation also ensures very good sensitivity. The large offset range of ± 60 V permits analysis of the smallest disturbance signals during power integrity measurements, even on DC power supplies with a high voltage level. The probe also features an integrated high-precision DC voltmeter.

Rohde & Schwarz

1702 HFE choice 11

Space Products

MECA is pleased to expand its low altitude and space program with products available specifically for commercial space applications where a higher reliability is needed but with varying levels of test criteria.  Such as: Operational Temperature -45ºC ~ +85ºC, Storage Temperature -55ºC ~ +125ºC, Altitude 30,000 ft., 60,000 ft. 1.0psi, Vibration 25g rms (15 degree 2KHz) endurance, 1 hour per axis, Humidity 100%rh at 35 ºC, 95%rh at 40 ºC, Shock 20g for 11ms half sine wave, 3 axis both directions. Made in USA - 36 month warranty.

MECA Electronics

1702 HFE choice 12

Wideband USB Power Sensor

Boonton once again sets the standard for fast RF power measurements with the introduction of its 55 Series Wideband USB power sensors. Built with Boonton's Real-Time Power Processing™ technology (patent pending), this new product line offers speed and accuracy never before seen in a USB form factor. The 55 Series sensors are ideal for manufacturing, design, research, and service in commercial and military applications such as telecommunications, avionics, RADAR, and medical systems.


1702 HFE choice 13

Mini Oscillators

Q-Tech released a new line of miniature oscillators available in 2.5 x 3.2mm, 3.2 x 5mm, and 5 x 7mm packages. These miniature oscillators will provide Q-Tech customers with the smallest options offered yet across the military temperature range of -55C to +125C. Many standard frequencies are in-stock allowing for our lowest lead-time offerings for our most often ordered frequencies. CMOS 3.2X5.0 and 5.0X7.0 initial frequencies in stock: 10.000, 16.000, 20.000, 25.000, 32.000, 40.000, 50.000, 100.000, 125.000 MHz.


1702 HFE choice 14

Isolators, Circulators, and More

VidaRF is a global technology provider of custom RF microwave components to client’s requests, or directly built-to spec for the most specific applications. VidaRF headquarters located in Huntersville, NC.

Along with providing our customers with a variety of MIL-SPEC products, VidaRF Components specializes in designing custom solutions. Instead of designing around catalog items, VidaRF products are engineered to meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations. Design assistance is readily available and can result in new concepts of weight reduction and space savings.


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