Friday, March 06, 2015
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Connector Website

SV Microwave launched a new, user-friendly website including a redesigned Product Search function that allows users to drill down to their selection from predefined categories. Created to streamline the product selection and order placement process, the new site also allows users to view product information, check availability and place orders all from one page. 

SV Microwave

Clock Distributor

The LTC6950 is a low phase noise integer-N synthesizer core with an ultralow jitter clock distribution output section. It is ideal for generating and distributing the low jitter signals essential to clocking data converters with a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Maintaining low jitter on the data converter clock is fundamental to achieving outstanding SNR levels when digitizing or synthesizing high analog frequencies.

Linear Technology


Mouser Electronics is stocking the MSP430i202x Mixed Signal Microcontroller Family from Texas Instruments (TI). This low power 16MHz 16-bit RISC microcontroller has up to four 24-bit sigma-delta analog to digital converters (ADCs) with differential programmable gain amplifier (PGA) Inputs. Additional features include a hardware multiplier, 75nA shutdown mode, and a temperature sensor.

Mouser Electronics


The 0.9 mm SuperMini product line provides the performance of Southwest’s standard-size, high frequency connectors in a miniaturized footprint. With broad bandwidth and coupling nut mating, the series includes field-replaceable two and four-hole flange mount and thread-in connectors, solder-on end launch and 4-post vertical launch connectors, and direct solder cable connectors.

Southwest Microwave

Power Sensor

LadyBug Technologies’ updated LB480A firmware now includes both internal and external triggering as a standard feature. The sensor’s flexible triggering features give users the ability to make time-gated measurements on CW or pulsed signals. External TTL triggering can be used to synchronize measurements of signals that are near the noise floor, making it possible to visualize them using the pulse profiling display.  

LadyBug Technologies

T&M Seminars

Keysight Technologies’ Insight Seminar Series will help engineers hone their T&M skills. One free seminar focuses on advanced measurement theory and techniques, the other on core benchtop-instrument measurements. The Advanced Measurements Seminar tour begins Feb. 2 and the Core Bench Lab Seminar begins Feb. 24. Planned are more than 70 stops across the US and Canada.

Keysight Technologies


ATW Companies announced that its flexible waveguide and waveguide components are ideally suited for satellite applications and other airborne and space systems. Products include seamless flexible waveguide, flexible twistable waveguide, flexible waveguide, and semi flexible waveguide. In addition to tubing, the company offers components for all flexible waveguide types.

ATW Companies


TE Connectivity announced the approval of new RoHS-compliant black zinc nickel “Z” plating for AS85049 adapters /82 to /90. AS85049 is a military specification for connector accessories designed to work with military connectors like those built to MIL-DTL-38999. “This solution helps our customers reduce cadmium usage and provides enhanced performance,”said Daniel Redmon of TE Connectivity.

TE Connectivity


A new stamped spring pin socket addresses burn-in test requirements for testing 74 lead QFN - CBT-QFN-7038. The contactor used in the socket is a stamped spring pin with 15 gram actuation force per ball and cycle life of 10,000+ insertions. The self-inductance of the contactor is 0.98 nH, insertion loss < 1 dB at 10 GHz and capacitance 0.03pF.

Ironwood Electronics

Oscilloscope Software

Keysight introduced measurement capability designed to help engineers quickly and accurately characterize PAM-4 (pulse amplitude modulation with four amplitude levels) signals using the Keysight 86100D DCA-X wide-bandwidth oscilloscope platform. Keysight 86100D-9FP PAM-N analysis software provides comprehensive analysis of optical and electrical PAM-4 signals. 

Keysight Technologies

Current Issue

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Editor's Choice

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The MPX50 multicoax connector solution combines the highest density, lowest loss and highest performance characteristics for cutting edge data rate testing in one solution. It is based on a triplex approach that includes the MXP PCB connector, the MULTIFLEX 53-02 breakout assembly and the SUCOFLEX 100 cable assembly, designed to connect measurement equipment with lowest loss.


1502 HFE editorsChoice02

Power Amp

The TA79ZSD6 is a new X-Band 100W Solid State GaN Power Amplifier. It uses a compact and lightweight 17.4 mm x 24 mm x 4.1 mm package. It has greater than 36% drain efficiency and 11 dB of gain. It requires a +30V supply voltage. All bias, input and output matching circuitry are included. For more information, visit


1502 HFE editorsChoice03

Spectrum Analyzers

Anritsu introduced a Capture and Playback function for its MS2830A and MS269xA Spectrum/Signal Analyzer families. The new function gives engineers confidence when validating the performance of devices used in cellular, Land Mobile Radio (LMR), Machine to Machine (M2M), Internet of Things (IoT), automotive, and satellite applications.


1502 HFE editorsChoice04


Passive Plus, Inc. now offers extended-values for the Traditional NP0, Hi-Q 0505 (.055” x .055”) -- now available up to 1,000pF; and 1111 (.110” x .110”) -- now available up to 10,000pF (.01uF). These parts exhibit Low ESR/ESL, Low Noise, High Self-Resonance as well as ultra-stable performance over temperature.

Passive Plus

1502 HFE editorsChoice05

Test Software

Keysight’s N1930B Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) 2015 is the latest release of its signal integrity test software for designing and validating high-speed digital interconnect. A key software enhancement includes an N-port automatic fixture removal (AFR). This removes the effects of multiple test fixtures with a single step – reducing the error-correction time by 75 percent.

Keysight Technologies

1502 HFE editorsChoice06

Extension Module

The S12MS offers a solution to connect to the RF of your existing signal generator to extend microwave outputs to millimeter and sub-millimeter frequencies of 60 to 90 GHz. With a typical output power of +6 dBm, the S12MS offers options for variable attenuation (S12MS-A) and electronic attenuation (S12MS-EA) which offers 60 dB of electronic controlled attenuation. 


1502 HFE editorsChoice07


MLBS-Series bench test synthesizers are ideal for production test sets, laboratory tests and test equipment racks where generation of microwave signals is essential. Frequency coverage is 2 to 20 GHz. Each synthesizer consists of a frequency synthesizer, heat sink, power supply, cooling fans, keyboard, display, USB interface, Ethernet interface and a manual tuning knob.

Micro Lambda Wireless

1502 HFE editorsChoice08


Microwave Filter Company offers this medium power lowpass RF filter from 50 MHz to 500 MHz. The model 19141 is designed for use in any medium power application (100 Watts or less) that requires harmonic band rejection of up to 6 times the fundamental cut-off frequency (Fc). Filters and components offered from stock or custom designed to meet specific applications.

Microwave Filter Company

1502 HFE editorsChoice09


Model SWY-63315310-VM-C1 is a V-Band diplexer specially designed for harmonic mixer applications. The LO port frequency range is from 45 to 75 GHz and IF port from DC to 30 GHz. The diplexer exhibits a typical 1.0 dB insertion loss from the common port to LO port and the common port to IF port. The isolation from LO port to IF port is 10 dB minimum and 15 dB typical.

SAGE Millimeter

1502 HFE editorsChoice10


Richardson RFPD announced availability and design support for a new reflective, single-pole double-throw (SPDT) RF switch from Peregrine Semiconductor. The PE42722 is designed for use in customer premises equipment (CPE) cable applications, including DOCSIS 3.0/1 cable modems and set-top boxes. The new switch delivers high linearity and excellent harmonics performance in the 5–1794 MHz band.

Richardson RFPD

February 2015

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Web Exclusives


Rogers Corp.

Rogers Corp. (NYSE:ROG) will be showing samples of the company’s wide range of industry-leading printed-circuit-board (PCB) materials at DesignCon, January 28 - 29, 2015, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA.

John Coonrod, Senior Market Development Engineer for Rogers, will be participating in a panel discussing, “Isn’t Gbps Design Complex Enough? Now High Speed Circuit Boards Act Like Microwave Components” on Tuesday, January 27 from 4:45 - 6pm.

Representatives from Rogers will be at Booth 749 with information and insight on the use of their circuit materials, including the RO4000® series. RO4000 series circuit materials include RO4003C™ laminates, with a dielectric loss tangent of 0.0027 at 10 GHz, and UL rated flame retardant RO4835™ laminates, with a dielectric loss tangent of 0.0037 at 10 GHz. RO4000 series materials feature a low z-axis coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) over a wide temperature range for reliable plated-through-hole performance in multilayer circuits.

Insulated Wire

Insulated Wire’s Microwave Products Division announced a new distribution agreement with HASCO Inc. for the Re‐Flex™ product range. Re‐Flex™ is a semi‐rigid and conformable replacement cable combining IW’s unique laminated dielectric with a tin/alloy plated outer braid to provide a double shielded re‐formable cable that eliminates the failure modes of traditional solid and solder dipped outer jacketed, and provides a highly flexible cable with excellent RF performance, including lower attenuation than the comparable line size RG cables.

HASCO Inc. has stock available for immediate delivery of RF141 (RG402 line size) assemblies in a range of lengths starting at 2” with both direct solder and shell style SMA connectors, operating to 18 GHz and 26.5 GHz respectively. For further information and specifications please contact HASCO Inc.: