Friday, November 27, 2015
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Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

Rohde & Schwarz announced an entirely new handheld spectrum analyzer with impressively low weight and long battery life – the R&S Spectrum Rider. It offers solid RF performance and high accuracy for measurements in the field and in the lab. Its large buttons and touchscreen make it very easy to operate. The instrument has a frequency range from 5 kHz to 2 GHz, which can be extended up to 4 GHz with a key code.

Rohde & Schwarz

Vector Signal Analyzer 

NI’s PXIe-5668R is a 26.5 GHz PXI RF signal analyzer that offers industry leading measurement bandwidth and best-in-class measurement performance.  It serves a wide range of spectrum and vector signal analysis applications, ranging from real-time spectrum analysis to modulation accuracy measurements to radar pulse measurements. In addition, this instrument also features a LabVIEW-programmable FPGA.  By programming the FPGA, engineers can customize the instrument’s behavior by adding custom triggering or signal processing routines.

National Instruments

SMA Connectors

SGMC Microwave’s SMA series (Sub-Miniature-A) are precision grade connectors for microwave applications requiring excellent performance up to 18 GHz and beyond to 26.5 GHz. The SMA series is mechanically compatible with 3.5mm and 2.92mm connector series. SGMC offers an extensive line of SMA precision adapters, receptacles, and cable connectors for various semi-rigid and flexible coaxial cables. Special designs available upon request.

SGMC Microwave

IMD Module

OML provides the first direct connect solution for mm-wave Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) measurements. This module is fitted to characterize mm-wave devices not only for IMD but also for S-parameters and gain compression. Compatible with modern network analyzers, OML offers mechanical compatibility with existing probe stations, including the flexibility to upgrade existing VNA modules with IMD capabilities.


Power Sensor Demo Kit

LadyBug Technologies’ LB5900 series of patented no-zero no-cal before use RF Power Sensors offer coverage from 9 kHz to 40 GHz. The product’s broad frequency range combined with exceptional sensitivity make it ideal for satellite, radar, EMC testing along with defense applications and general testing. LadyBug now offers its LB9040A Demonstration Kit for use with LB5900 sensors with the I2C/SPI Option. The demo system is complete with a pre-programmed micro-processor board with example firmware installed, along with all required hardware and adaptors.

LadyBug Technologies        

V-Band Transmitter

Model SSK-ST573673-15-ITS1 is a V-Band transmitter (upconverter) that emits two orthogonally polarized signals from 57 - 67 GHz. It takes a 14.250 to 15.875 GHz/+0 dBm signal through a X4 active multiplier to generate a mmW signal as its local oscillator and DC to 3.5 GHz/0 dBm as its IF input signal to generate 57 to 67 GHz RF signals. The generated RF signal is fed into two power amps to produce the horizontal and vertical polarized signals, which is combined into circular polarized waveform through a V-Band orthomode transducer and transmitted via a 14 dBi gain conical antenna.

SAGE Millimeter

Driver Amp

Richardson RFPD announced availability and design support for a new 2W GaN driver amplifier from Qorvo. The TGA2958-SM is a packaged Ku-band amplifier fabricated on Qorvo’s 0.15um GaN on SiC production process. Operating over a 13-18 GHz bandwidth, it delivers 2W of saturated output power with 20 dB large signal gain and > 25% power added efficiency. This allows it to support a variety of low power Ku-band systems or as a linear, high-voltage driver for Qorvo’s line of high-power Ku-band amplifiers.



MECA’s New Compact Low PIM 50 watt Attenuators (-160 to -165dBc typical) feature industry-leading thermally stabilized low PIM distortion performance (low thermal noise). In addition, all of the terminations cover 0.698 - 2.700 GHz frequency bands. Available in: Type N & 4.1/9.5, 4.3/10.0 and 7/16 DIN models both within connector series and mixed series configurations.

MECA Electronics

Epoxy System

Master Bond EP21NDCL is a unique two component epoxy system that cures optically clear in thin sections, even though Part A is translucent and Part B is light amber. This non-drip compound is formulated for a variety of bonding, sealing and coating applications in the optical, opto-electronic, electrical, aerospace, and specialty OEM industries. EP21NDCL offers convenient handling with a one to one mix ratio by weight or volume.

Master Bond

Mobile Website

Pasternack launched its new mobile website, marrying powerful parametric search capabilities with a user-friendly interface intended for smart phones and tablets. Most noticeable to a mobile device user is the streamlined look and feel of the new homepage. The site provides engineers in the field the most intuitive process for searching and finding any of the company’s +40,000 RF components and cable assemblies.


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Microwave Laminates

The unique properties of NorCLAD make it perfectly suited for use with patch antennas, and it has been used worldwide in land, sea, and airborne applications. NorCLAD has an ideal dielectric constant of 2.55, and as its thickness is proportional to bandwidth, NorCLAD provides designers with a wide range of flexibility for antenna arrays up 0.5 in. thick.


1511 HFE choice02

Capacitor Kits

Passive Plus (PPI) has expanded its offering of custom capacitor kits to include its broadband capacitor line. PPI will now build custom sample kits for engineers who need the entire range of broadband capacitor offerings - from 01005 to 0402. PPI will also continue to offer the full range of values of MLC High Q capacitors.

Passive Plus

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CTS Electronic Components introduced the latest surface-mount RF Bandpass Filter for use in LTE-U (unlicensed) and LTE-LAA (licensed assisted access). The CTS UPB550A has 0.7dB typical and <1.0dB worst case insertion loss, while providing >= 50dB rejection across all the major FDD bands. This would enable it to meet the receive sensitivity requirements when co-located with any base station power class.


1511 HFE choice04

High Power Amp

Empower RF’s new RF amplifier system complements the frequency coverage and power level "footprint" of its next generation, high power PA product family. Model 2180 covers 1 to 2.5 GHz and delivers 2 kW CW of broadband output power in a 8U, air cooled chassis. It provides excellent performance for applications that include test and measurement, electronic warfare, and communications.

Empower RF

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Gowanda Electronics announced achievement of failure rate Level R on two more of its MIL-PRF-39010 RF Inductor Series – ER15M and ER18M – adding to the company’s series already approved to Level R – ER10M and ER17S. These four thru-hole series meet the military’s Qualified Product List (QPL) requirements for Established Reliability (ER) and address ten different MIL-PRF-39010 slash numbers (/01 through /10).

Gowanda Electronics

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Pasternack released new, affordable coaxial-packaged RF amplifiers. Both low noise and gain block amplifiers are offered and display excellent performance covering wide octave frequency bands from 9 KHz to 3 GHz. These provide an outstanding value and are all priced less than $500 USD for a single unit. These provide engineers a convenient, economical source of in-stock and ready to ship coaxial RF amplifier solutions.


1511 HFE choice07

Rack Mount Power Divider

MECA announced the latest addition to its broad band line of Power Dividers with the 32-way splitter.  Available in Type N & SMA, 30W Wilkinson Power Dividers, optimized for excellent performance with industry leading specifications from 500 MHz – 6.00 GHz. Offering typical VSWR’s ranging from of 1.30:1, Isolation of 18dB typical offering phase and amplitude balance typically only seen in narrower/octave band models.

MECA Electronics

1511 HFE choice08

Power Amp

NuWaves Engineering released an upgraded broadband RF power amplifier (PA) for L- and S-band transmitters and data radios. The NuPower™ 12B01A features improved power efficiency and operational temperature performance and a wider supply voltage range. It delivers a minimum of 10 Watts, and typically 13 Watts, of RF power from 1000 to 2500 MHz when sourced with a 0 dBm (1 milliwatt) RF input signal.

NuWaves Engineering

1511 HFE choice09

E-Band Transceiver

Model SSC-7737731200-1212-C1 is an E-Band transceiver with a minimum transmit output power of -30 dBm in the frequency range of 76 to 78 GHz with an IF input power of 0 dBm in the frequency range of 550 to 950 MHz. Typical receive conversion loss is -12 dB with a typical RF input power of -20 dBm in the frequency range of 76 to 78 GHz and an IF output frequency range of 550 to 950 MHz.

SAGE Millimeter

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Mini-Circuits’ VBL-2R1-K+ is an ultra-wideband precision instrumentation cable specially designed for use with VNA equipment in test environments. The cable provides excellent VSWR and very low insertion loss over the entire frequency range. Passivated stainless steel rugged 2.92mm (F) connector interfaces directly with the ports of the VNA, and a rugged crush and torque resistant outer sheath protects the cable from damage in demanding lab settings.


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Web Exclusives



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PMI Model No. SDLVA-18G40G-65-CD-292FF is a Successive Detection Log Video Amplifier (SDLVA) that operates over the frequency range of 18 to 40 GHz with a Logging Range from - 63 to + 2 dBm and a Log Slope of 25mV/dB.  Video Log Linearity is ±2.0dB and Video Frequency Flatness is ±2.5dB. High speed is achieved providing a Video Rise Time of 8ns and a Recovery Time of 40ns. Operates on ±12VDC and is offered in a small, lightweight housing measuring 2.37” x 1.8” x 0.42”. (Other frequency ranges, specifications and packaging are available. Please contact PMI with your specific requirements)

Planar Monolithics Industries

Insulated Wire

Insulated Wire’s Microwave Products Division announced a new distribution agreement with HASCO Inc. for the Re‐Flex™ product range. Re‐Flex™ is a semi‐rigid and conformable replacement cable combining IW’s unique laminated dielectric with a tin/alloy plated outer braid to provide a double shielded re‐formable cable that eliminates the failure modes of traditional solid and solder dipped outer jacketed, and provides a highly flexible cable with excellent RF performance, including lower attenuation than the comparable line size RG cables.

HASCO Inc. has stock available for immediate delivery of RF141 (RG402 line size) assemblies in a range of lengths starting at 2” with both direct solder and shell style SMA connectors, operating to 18 GHz and 26.5 GHz respectively. For further information and specifications please contact HASCO Inc.:


The comprehensive search engine on the AmpliTech website has been significantly revamped to not only allow for searches based on particular specifications, but to offer results that are closest to the entered parameters (within certain ranges) if a search by the exact specifications yields no matches. In addition, searching for a particular model number (in lieu of a search by specifications) has been made easier due to the ability to search for partials in case the customer doesn’t have the entire exact model number handy. More versatility has also been added by allowing searches just by using either a Start OR Stop frequency as opposed to both. For example, the user can simply enter 10 GHz for the Start frequency and leave the Stop frequency blank to see all models whose bandwidth starts at 10 GHz or higher.



Richardson Electronics announced the launch of a new business group, Power & Microwave Technologies (“PMT”). The PMT group encompasses Richardson Electronics’ existing Electron Device Group (“EDG”) and adds new technologies and engineered solutions for the power conversion and RF and microwave markets.

“The PMT group will focus on adding new suppliers and technologies to take advantage of high growth markets and leverage our global infrastructure, including sales, marketing, engineering solutions and logistics,” said Edward Richardson, CEO and Chairman of the Board for Richardson Electronics. “Under the direction of Greg Peloquin, PMT combines new technologies and capabilities with our existing EDG business to maximize associated selling opportunities of both electron tubes and solid-state products.”

Greg Peloquin, Executive Vice President, PMT, brings considerable experience and expertise in the RF and microwave, power and energy, and electron tube markets to his PMT group leadership role. Prior to joining Richardson Electronics in June 2014, as Executive Vice President, EDG, Mr. Peloquin served as president of Richardson RFPD, Inc.  From 2002 to 2011, he was executive vice president and general manager of Richardson Electronics’ RF & Wireless Communications Group. Earlier in his career he was director of global distribution for Motorola, Inc.’s wireless infrastructure division.